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Esquimalt Curling Club


2020/21 Season

Club Board Of Directors

PresidentTorben Wilson  778-678-5110  
Vice PresidentAl Teasdale  250-479-3149  
SecretaryKaren Hoban  250-478-5303  
TreasurerCheryl Eason  250-580-7770  
InformationTorben Wilson  778-678-5110  
Past PresidentSamantha Sherman  250-812-4512  
DirectorLen Hanischuk  250-744-0058  
Curl BC RepLei Davies  250-477-7429  
Curl BC RepTBA  250-555-5555  
WebsiteDoug Muir  250-386-1982  

League Representatives

Monday MensBrad Walsh  250-686-6461  
Senior MensAl Teasdale  250-479-3149  
Sportsmens MensKen O'Connor  250-382-0143  
Wednesday MensBrad Walsh  250-686-6461  
Friday LadiesMarilyn Kraeker  250-389-1327  
Golden GirlsLu Neilson  250-889-1833  
Ladies AfternoonDianna McIntosh  250-382-3837  
Ladies EveningDr. Lynn Fedoruk  250 893 3216  
Wednesday LadiesJoanne Stansky  778-265-4996  
Rebels MixedCheryl Eason  250-580-7770  
Rockhounds MixedRob McIntosh  250-298-9181  
Senior MixedYvonne Leach  250-388-4410  
White Ensign MixedTravis Shaw  250-882-5388  
CasaNova Open 50+Len Hanischuk  250-744-0058  
CFB Base CurlingSue Justason  250-419-1667  
Doubles CurlingTorben Wilson   778-678-5110  
Senior Select (Mon)Dave Davies  250-477-7429  
Senior Select (Wed)Dave Davies  250-477-7429  
Sunday FundayKaren Hoban  250-478-5303  
Youth LeagueRachelle Perry  250-920-0921  

Club Bonspiel & Event Contacts

Petersen 55+ OpenDave Davies  250-477-7429  
Ladies BonspielNicole Fraser  250 889-1737  
Optimist Junior Cash-SpielMurray Walker  778-533-4774  
Driftwood Brewery Men's BonspielDoug Muir  250-386-1982  
Men's Master's BonspielAl Teasdale  250-479-3149  
Golden Girls BonspielLu Neilson  250-381-3887  
White Ensign Mixed BonspielTravis Shaw  250-882-5388  
Youth Family Fun DayRachelle Perry  250-920-0921  
Country Grocer Senior Men'sDave Davies  250-477-7429  
Men's League Golf TournamentErwin Lee  778-533-0812  

Ice Maintenance

Senior Ice Technician Al Sutherland   250-474-0950  
Ice Technician Larry Travis   250-893-1526  


Minutes July 28, 2020



Past Presidents

2018-2020 Samantha Sherman  
2015-2018 Ken Whitehead  
2014-2015 Mike Pedneault  
2011-2014 Lei Davies  
2010-2011 Doug Leask  
2008-2010 Ed Gerhardt  
2005-2008 Dave Davies  
2003-2005 Bob McKie  
2001-2003 Denis Boudreau  
2000-2001 Bill Big Canoe  
1998-2000 Keith James  
1996-1998 George Hill  
1994-1996 Cheryl Noble  
1992-1994 Bill Staford  
1990-1992 Zel Moore  
1989-1990 Stew Thompson  
1988-1989 Murray Nesbitt  
1987-1988 Don Reidie  
1985-1987 Fred Zacek  
1984-1985 Tom Moore  
1983-1984 Chuck Kennedy  
1982-1983 Pat Kennedy  
1981-1982 John Sigalet  
1980-1981 Jack Klassen  
1979-1980 Mike O'Brien  

Curler of the Year 2002-2003
Pat Kennedy Memorial

Dave Davies

Dave Davies has been a curler for many years, playing the game while stationed in Germany and then after his return to Victoria at the Racquet Club, Juan de Fuca Curling Club and Esquimalt Curling Club. He enjoyed the camaraderie at Esquimalt where his men''s team played so moved his mixed team from Juan de Fuca to the White Ensign Curling League. That was over 10 years ago.

Dave was involved with the men''s league executive at Esquimalt before becoming a director with the White Ensign League. He served as a director with this league for several years before taking over the position of President, a position he held for two curling seasons.

Dave is a very highly motivated person with a great sense of humour. He worked extremely hard to make sure that whatever he was involved with ran smoothly. The Christmas ''Fun Nights'' held by the White Ensign were a highlight of the season because of Dave''s efforts. He was always there leading the activities ''complete with antlers''. Dave could always be counted on to help shop for the year-end league prizes and was awarded the prestigious ''Born to Shop'' award. The annual White Ensign Bonspiel was a success partly because of Dave''s hard work and organization. He was always appreciative of the efforts of those who served on the executive with him. In his capacity as President, Dave also attended the meetings of the Esquimalt Curling Association.

Dave has also spent many hours promoting the game of curling through the local media as well as helping with newcomers to this wonderful game.

Because of Dave''s enthusiasm and love of this sport, he truly deserved to win the Curler of the Year Award.


Past Recipients

2019-2020Bob McKie
2018-2019Darrell Deane
2017-2018Rachelle Perry
2016-2017Al Teasdale
2015-2016Bruce Joanisse
2014-2015Ken Whitehead
2012-2013Keith McIntosh
2011-2012Flo Sullivan
2010-2011Fred Zacek & Whitey Wakelyn
2009-2010Doug Leask
2008-2009Ron Pinfold
2007-2008Toni Tomlinson
2006-2007Roy Johnson
2005-2006Lei Davies
2004-2005Doug Muir
2003-2004Yvonne Leach
2002-2003Dave Davies
2001-2002Faye Johnson
2000-2001Keith James
1999-2000Ken Moore
1998-1999Barry Brown
1997-1998Doug Brietzke
1996-1997Cheryl Noble
1995-1996Edie Hilton
1994-1995Zel Moore
1993-1994Sharon & Dave Hatter
1992-1993Ken O'Connor
1991-1992Tom Levasseur

Nominate the Curler of the Year

Pat Kennedy Memorial

Do you know someone who has contributed to the Esquimalt Curling Club and that they should be recognized? Here is your chance to nominate that person to attain the ''Curler of the Year'' award.

This award is presented at the Club Championship Luncheon to the curler who best displays the following characteristics:

  1. This curler should be a regular member and curler in the Esquimalt Curling Club.
  2. This curler has shown an interest in standing for office or holds office at this time.
  3. This curler regularly attends curling functions of his/her league and the league games.
  4. This curler makes an extra effort to see that the league is or becomes more successful.
  5. This curler's attitude towards fellow curlers is correct and shows good sportsmanship.
  6. This curler abides by the code of curling ethics.
  7. This curler actively promotes curling and contributes to the betterment of the Curling Club.

This award will be presented by the Esquimalt Curling Club to the Esquimalt curler for his/her efforts during the current season.

All nominations must be received at least 30 days prior to the Club Championships for consideration. Please give nominations to a member of the Esquimalt Curling Club Board Of Directors .

Only you can give back to those that volunteer to make our club as successful as it is. Please take the time to nominate someone for this time-honoured award.

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