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Esquimalt Curling Club

Petersen 55+ Open

October 16-19, 2017

Another successful year. Congratulations to all the curlers and thank you to those that make this event possible.


The Bonspiel Results:
'A' Event
1stRandy McLeod
2ndRon Danderfer
3rdJack Bowman
4thDon Venn

'B' Event
1stBrian Aaberg
2ndDon Allan
3rdPaul Convey
4thDave Smith
'C' Event
1stGerry Vantreight
2ndAl Orton
3rdDave Davies
4thMurray Walker
'D' Event
1stKen Wigbers
2ndRichard Cargill
3rdPaul Kondal
4thTerry Russell


Rank2016/17     2015/16     2014/15     2013/14
1Lynn Wilson Ron Danderfer John Taparowki Ron Danderfer
2Keith Ainsley Jim Begg Ron Danderfer Lei Davies
3Richard Cargill Gerry Vantreight Paul Kondal James Turner
4Gary Wilkinson Grant Marshall Cliff Thesen Lawrence Woytowich
5Dave Davies Cliff Thesen Dave Davies Tom Melnyk
6Ken Wigbers Brian Morin Tom Melnyk Jim Begg
7Murray Walker Don Allan Don Moss Ted Carlson
8Clay Bottrell Ted Carlson Paul Convey Glen Etty
9Dave Smith Len Stewart Lei Davies Steve Beggs
10Ron Danderfer Lyle Garaway Garry Franklin John Taporowski
11Cliff Thesen Don Moss Wayne Scott Keith Tomlinson
12Lei Davies Georges Bombezin Bruce Morrison Cliff Merriam
13Don Venn      
14Wayne Silver      
15Ted Carlson      
16Bob McKie      


Rank2016/17     2015/16
1Lynn Wilson Ron Danderfer
2Keith Ainsley Jim Begg
3Richard Cargill Gerry Vantreight
4Gary Wilkinson Grant Marshall
5Dave Davies Cliff Thesen
6Ken Wigbers Brian Morin
7Murray Walker Don Allan
8Clay Bottrell Ted Carlson
9Dave Smith Len Stewart
10Ron Danderfer Lyle Garaway
11Cliff Thesen Don Moss
12Lei Davies Georges Bombezin
13Don Venn  
14Wayne Silver  
15Ted Carlson  
16Bob McKie  

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