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2017-18 Esquimalt Curling Club Annual General Meeting

The Esquimalt Curling Club Annual General Meeting will be held on April 9, 2018 at 6:00pm in the Lounge above the curling rink.

League contacts, please forward this e-mail to all league members. Each league is requested to have at least 3 members present.

Please review the following:


2017-18 Club Championships
  Monday Men's 
9:15am - Ice 1  
  Monday Men's 
1:15pm - Ice 2  
  Monday Men's 
9:15am - Ice 5  
  Wednesday Men's 
  Wednesday Men's 
  White Ensign 
9:15am - Ice 2  
  White Ensign 
1:15pm - Ice 3  
  White Ensign 
  Senior Mixed 
9:15am - Ice 4  
  Senior Mixed 
  Sunday Funday 
  Wednesday Sr 
9:15am - Ice 3  
  Wednesday Sr 
  Senior Men's 
1:15pm - Ice 4  
  Monday Sr 
      Monday Sr 
  Golden Girls 
9:15am - Ice 6  
  Afternoon Ladies 
  Afternoon Ladies 
1:15pm - Ice 5  
  Evening Ladies 
      Evening Ladies 


2017-18 Esquimalt Curling Club Annual General Meeting Postposed

In order to complete the proposed amendments to the ECC Constitution and Bylaws at the request of the Society Act of BC, current Bylaw, Article VI - Alteration of the Bylaws must be adhered to. It reads; This Constitution or the Club Bylaws may be altered by a simple majority at the AGM.

Notice of any proposed amendments must be given to the Secretary in writing at least 14 days before the date of the AGM in order to be considered for discussion. Proposed amendments shall be posted in the club seven days prior to the AGM.

The 2017 - 2018 ECC Annual General Meeting March 18, 2018 has been postponed and rescheduled for Monday, April 9, 2018 in the ECC curling lounge starting at 6:00pm. as an avenue to achieve the propose of Article VI

If possible, please plan to attend this important meeting.

Thank You,
Ken Whitehead/President ECC


New league is starting September 2018 on Thursdays at 12:30. The name of the may be something like Senior Open 50+ and contact information can be found on the poster. Please register your team now from the URL on the poster; http://seniorscurling.wordpress.com


2019 White Ensign Mixed Bonspiel Registration:
The Esquimalt White Ensign Mixed Bonspiel welcomes all true mixed curling teams.

Please note the following rules to the registration process for this popular event.

Pre-registration for the next Bonspiel will not occur until two weeks after the completion of the current Bonspiel which, for 2018 runs from February 14 to February 18, 2018.

The White Ensign League teams will be able to pre-register, one entry per team, from February 19 until March 4, in person complete with a $80 deposit. Please note we currently have 18 teams eligible to register from the league.

On March 5, 2018 at 10:00am registration will open up through the Registraton feature on the website, a deposit has to be received within two weeks of registering in order to secure your position on the entry list. After that you will be bumped down the list until we receive a deposit.

We can guarantee a full refund of your deposit if you notify us that you cannot attend the Bonspiel prior to the end of 2018. However, once 2019 starts your deposit will only be returned if the spot is filled and paid for. With this we are hoping that teams will let us know as soon as possible that they are not able to attend so that we can fill the spot rather than risk having an empty spot.


Message to League Representatives:
There will be an executive Curling meeting Monday February 19, 2018 in the curling lounge at 7:00pm to discuss the Constitution and By-laws. If you have not received an Agenda, please email Ken Whitehead. If you cannot make the meeting please send a representative from your League.


Please note that there is a new First Aid Kit at the curling rink.  It is at the far end of the curling rink between sheets 3 and 4.  Please inform your membership.


The Driftwood Men’s Bonspiel is now on hosting 24 teams. Come down to the club and watch some of the curling and join in on the fun in the lounge. Or you can visit the website to see how teams are doing and see photos of the event. This promises to be a great event and we are so thankful for our sponsor support. Good Curling!

Congratulations to the winning teams from the Ladies Bonspiel held on November 3-5, 2017.


The Ladies Fiesta Bonspiel is going on this weekend. There will be lots of Mexican drink specials including Pina Coladas an endless quantity of tequila! To keep up with who is playing who, visit the website and to see event details see the custom website.

Have fun ladies!


The Driftwood Menís Bonspiel is only a few weeks away and registration is filling up quickly. We will cap the registration at 24 teams and put all others on a waitlist. However, if we get to 28+ teams we will take all registrations. We have great sponsorship again this year and look forward to hosting a fun bonspiel.

Please register soon as not to miss out on this event.

2017-10-20:  The Petersen 55+ Bonspiel was a great success. We had 31 one teams participate and lots of fun both on and off the ice. The winners of the spiel were the McLeod rink and for all the details and pictures, visit the bonspiel site here. Thanks to all of our sponsors.


12 amazingly talented teams participated in the 1st Annual Lighthouse Brewing Company Mixed Golf & Curling Bonspiel. Teams played 9 holes of golf and 3 games of curling. Through their sponsors generosity over $750.00 was raised to help fund Youth Curling Programs at the Esquimalt Curling Club.

See details here


The ice is in, the Open House was a success and the curling season begins today. Thanks to Al Sutherland and his crew for getting the ice in. I had the chance to throw some rocks and the swing is very nice and the speed is perfect. Hope everyone has a great season!


The website season has changed and we are now into the 2017-2018 Curling Season. You will see all the Events that your club is hosting this season.

The first events of the season are our Open House where we welcome everyone to the sport of curling and to come out and get some curling instruction. It allows people to see what leagues we have to see if they would like to join in the curling fun.

The Mixed Golf & Curling Bonspiel is the 1st Annual to be held on Saturday October 7, 2017. For this unique Bonspiel, the Golfing Event (9 Hole Scramble) will be held at the Highland Pacific Golf Course and the Curling Event (3 - 6 End Games) at the Esquimalt Curling Club located in the Archie Browning Sports Centre. The day’s events will conclude with a Banquet in the Curling Club Lounge complete with entertainment. Cost is $260.00 per team.


April 23, 2018