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Esquimalt Curling Club

White Ensign Mixed Bonspiel

February 14-18, 2024

Another successful year. Congratulations to all the curlers and thank you to those that make this event possible.


The Bonspiel Results:
'A' Event
1stDave Blower
2ndChris O'Brien
3rdDave Nantes
4thYanni Vasilakopoulos

'B' Event
1stDave Long
2ndChris Cardiff
3rdAl Thomson
4thGerry Auger
'C' Event
1stClay Snelling
2ndTerry Walker
3rdLori Mackay
4thRich Gabriel
'D' Event
1stDurrant Perry
2ndJim Williams
3rdTanya Clark
4thCecil Issel



Registration starts at 6:00pm, please collect your welcome package before going out on the ice
Bar open from 6:00pm to 11:30pm
First draw starts at 6:30pm

Bar open from 5:00pm to 12:30am
First draw starts at 5:00pm

Tim Hortons coffee, Timbits and snacks are provided, at the top of the stairs to the lounge at 7:30am
Bar open from 11:00am to 5:00pm
West Coast College of Massage will have tables set up in the lounge from 11:00am to 4:00pm
First draw starts at 8:00am

Enclosed with your welcome package are four banquet tickets which are required to enter the banquet.
Location: Chief & Petty Officers’ Mess
                1575 Lyall Street, CFB Esquimalt
Bar Hours: 6:00 pm – 12:30 am
Dinner: 7:00pm
Dance: 8:00pm

Tim Hortons coffee, Timbits and snacks are provided, at the top of the stairs to the lounge at 9:30am
Bar open from 11:00am to 4:00pm
First draw starts at 10:30am and the finals are at 1:30pm



IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you bring your dinner tickets with you to the banquet. The tickets will be required to enter the banquet and will also be used to draw for door prizes during the evening. All teams are entered into a Reverse Draw at a cost of $10.00 per team, which is included in your entry fee.
The last team drawn will win their entry fee back.
All teams are also entered into a Calcutta Draw at a cost of $10.00 per team, which is included in your entry fee. The cash payouts for each event are as follows:
A Event - $100, B Event - $100, C Event - $60, D Event - $60


Four games guaranteed with a cash payout to the four top teams of each event as follows:
A Event 1st - $440 2nd - $360 3rd - $300 4th - $300
B Event 1st - $380 2nd - $320 3rd - $240 4th - $240
C Event 1st - $320 2nd - $240 3rd - $180 4th - $180
D Event 1st - $260 2nd - $180 3rd - $120 4th - $120

There are a limited number of extra guest tickets available to the banquet on Saturday night for $50/person which can be purchased from the treasurer. Please contact Alison Bergbusch at alison.bergbusch@gmail.com or during the spiel at the rink for purchase.

If you need any assistance during the bonspiel, please feel free to contact any of the committee members:

Travis Shaw – Bonspiel Committee Chair
Greg Renton – Vice-Chair
Alison Bergbusch –Treasurer
Clay Snelling – Draw Master


Rank2023/24     2022/23     2019/20     2018/19
1Dave Blower Chris O'Brien Clay Snelling Larry Erickson
2Chris O'Brien David Durrant Rich Gabriel Richie Gabriel
3Dave Nantes Terry Walker Al Thomson Geoff Davis
4Yanni Vasilakopoulos Ned Easton John Leroy Clay Snelling
5Dave Long Clay Snelling Paul Dixon Dave Shortill
6Chris Cardiff Rich Gabriel Brian Feldman Al Thomson
7Al Thomson Al Thomson Brian Crossley Michael Bryan
8Gerry Auger Chris Cardiff Al Schyf Jim Williams
9Clay Snelling Dolores Wallace Gerry Batt Yanni Vasilakopoulos
10Terry Walker Nadine Badry Don Venn Kristi Joyce
11Lori Mackay Dave Blower Shannon Baradoy Jules Looy
12Rich Gabriel Adrion Farough Geoff Davis Tanya Clark
13Durrant Perry MIke Barwick Randy Niemen Lois Richmond
14Jim Williams Larry Ericson Yanni Vasilakopoulos Jon Swartz
15Tanya Clark Tanya Clark Myrna Proulx Randy Niemen
16Cecil Issel Terry Weegar Michael Bryan Brian Feldman


Rank2023/24     2022/23
1Dave Blower Chris O'Brien
2Chris O'Brien David Durrant
3Dave Nantes Terry Walker
4Yanni Vasilakopoulos Ned Easton
5Dave Long Clay Snelling
6Chris Cardiff Rich Gabriel
7Al Thomson Al Thomson
8Gerry Auger Chris Cardiff
9Clay Snelling Dolores Wallace
10Terry Walker Nadine Badry
11Lori Mackay Dave Blower
12Rich Gabriel Adrion Farough
13Durrant Perry MIke Barwick
14Jim Williams Larry Ericson
15Tanya Clark Tanya Clark
16Cecil Issel Terry Weegar

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